Amy Senn is an Artist and Holistic Wellness Coach. Her personal mission is to inspire self-awakening through connection to nature and creative expression. Her vision is a world of awakened individuals, each person using their divine gifts to serve the greater good.

She brings with her to MoonGate 28 years of experience in arts and leadership. Her unique and varied career path includes co-launching an organic farm, managing an art gallery, curating art exhibits, being a practicing Massage Therapist, acting as Senior Art and Design Manager for the Mellow Mushroom Corporation and Vice President of Sensible City, a public relations firm focused on education and green building.

In 2016, while in workshop with visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey, Amy had a big, giant Oprah style “aha” moment. It was then that she made the choice to take a leap of faith, leaving the corporate world to devote her life to creating art and inspiring others to find their own true north. In May 2017 she launched “Goddesses Across the Globe”, a project that has her creating larger-than-life sculptures in nature. Her work can be seen in Georgia and New York, including two installations at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, founded by Alex and Allyson Grey in Wappingers Falls.

Amy share’s her knowledge and creative process with those ready to awaken to their highest vision.  Through this sharing she teaches how to connect with nature, source intuition and implement creative expression as a means to uncover that which is seeking to emerge.

She studied fine art at Lagrange College and Georgia State University, received her massage therapy training from the North Carolina School of Natural Healing and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

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Carol Perrone is a Chef and High Priestess with a strong business background, who brings a desire to be of service both to her community and to her partnership in MoonGate.

From an early age, Carol nurtured her deep love of food by creating new recipes to share with her family along with working in her parent’s concession business making her paternal grandmother’s secret recipe “Big Doughnuts” at local Connecticut fairs. In her early adulthood, she and her husband Mark opened a restaurant that served made from scratch bread, pastries, soups and sandwiches in their hometown of Broad Brook, Connecticut. She later worked for and owned  transportation related businesses and is currently a partner in From the Earth, a farm-to-table restaurant and craft brewery located in Roswell, Georgia. Her love of entertaining and cooking elaborate meals to share with friends and family has been a constant. With a deeply held belief that food is medicine, Carol sources foods with a heavy emphasis on locally produced and organically grown ingredients, preparing meals and creating spaces that nourish people body, mind and spirit.

As a child, Carol searched for connection to the Divine and her life purpose by attending several denominations of churches. In 2006, she discovered a course of study called Priestess Process and over the next several years completed 3 levels of training, emerging as a Co-creational High Priestess in 2011. During her studies she learned to create ceremony and ritual, how to access her inner wisdom through connection to Nature and the Elements, how to work with Shamanic Astrology, and that her Priestess Gift to her community is healing hospitality.

Her life journey intensified in 2014 while fighting to survive a near-fatal bout with the flu, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms , she was prescribed opioids to relieve her fibromyalgia pain. With a recurring cycle of drug and alcohol abuse spiraling in her life, she began to search deep within for the root causes of her pain and addiction. Her quest lead her to great spiritual teachers and leaders such as Starhawk, Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Dr. Christiane Northrup, who have all provided her with a strong framework for her continued growth and healing.  In July of 2018 she put down the pain medicine for good, changed her relationship with alcohol, returned to therapy and has come to a much more balanced and healthy season of life.

It is Carol’s hope that by sharing her experiences she can help others along their path to healing and self awareness.

The MoonGate Manifesto

We believe self awakening comes through quieting the mind and activating the senses. We believe that living an inspired life fueled by creative exploration is essential to true joy. We believe our connection to nature and one another makes the world a better place.

Our vision is to weave a global community of awakened individuals whose primary goal is to inspire others to live their brightest lives.

We believe in the power of love, the grace of healing, and that each & everyone of you is a total badass.