Powerful Testimonials from Incredible Women

“I have never experienced anything like the Full Flower Moon Retreat. A safe place for women to come together, to come as they are. If you’re ready to connect with yourself and grow this event is for you. All you need is an open heart and to be willing, Carol and Amy will lead the way through a life changing retreat!”

Katie Jo Williams
Hair Stylist

“MoonGate Full Flower Moon Retreat was an awesome experience of play, meeting new friends, being pampered and personal growth.  Well planned and satisfying to one who has been to many workshops. Thank you so much for a unique experience!”

Julie Stein
Professional Musician

“From the splendid cuisine to activities designed for personal growth, connection with the Elements, fellowship of the Feminine and exploration of the inner artist, the Full Flower Moon Retreat was as unique as it was rewarding.”

Mardi Senn
Registered Nurse

“A wonderful, loving, fun, safe workshop for anyone who is curious about setting intentions or goals for where you want your life to go using the natural cycles of the moon. I highly recommend coming to MoonGate’s events as the two ladies are trustworthy, kind, patient, and strive to make life more meaningful around them, and who clearly want to help you work on being the best you possible. There just aren’t enough words for me to express how wonderful my experience was.”

Molly Brown

“MoonGate hosted a delightful event, infused with the magic of when women come together to learn from and laugh with each other. I so enjoyed exploring my own gifts as well as those of the other participants. My attendance helped me to harness the love that is present in community. I left with a new awareness of how to be in the world and the courage to put that into practice.”

Jennifer Wells
Associate Development Officer

“This event brought me everything I needed that I haven’t known how to ask for. There was a connectedness in each activity that was surprising and refreshing. I truly felt that I saw the heart of the women there and they saw me. After ten years of meditation retreats and workshops and festivals that I have attended, this event hit the mark they have all been aiming for. What’s even more amazing (and the big value I see) is I brought it all home with me. What I learned, will go forward, not just stay locked into that weekend. I have such respect and love for everyone involved.”

Whitney Sage
Yoga Instructor

“The Vision Board Workshop and Farm to Table Brunch was amazing! Carol and Amy are naturals, and proof that doing what you love and loving what you do is Magic. While I expected to leave the workshop with a vision board in hand, I unexpectedly left with much more. My Body, Mind, and Spirit were full!
I loved the delicious, healthy, food that I could taste the care and love with which it was beautifully prepared and served. Meaningful, consciously focused, guided, (and quiet) moments to clear my mind and listen to my heart. Space shared with some women I knew, and some I didn’t, but the feeling of undeniable authenticity and gratitude amongst us, that filled the air.
Fun I had, laughter I shared, ease & energy I felt, and perspective I gained.”

Lisa Whiteis
AVP – Claim Account Executive