MoonGate creates experiences designed to
facilitate personal transformation through connection to nature,
creative exploration and ceremony

When we come together to work and play, the opportunity for a vividly transformational experience blossoms.  In sacred circle we plant seeds of empowerment and connectivity, cultivating wholeness within.

We invite you to join us in the sacred space of “now” free from daily distractions, a space where creativity and imagination are sparked by the senses. A space where ritual is celebrated and celebration is ritualized, where you will be provided the opportunity to  awaken to what is seeking to emerge through you and step into it with fierce grace.


MoonGate creates experiences designed to facilitate personal transformation through nature, creative exploration and ceremony

When we come together in a safe space to work and play, the opportunity for a vividly transformational experience blossoms. Through this uniting, we plant seeds of empowerment and connectivity, cultivating wholeness within.

Our events are designed to facilitate deep and personal transformation through shared group experiences in nature, integrated with the elements of ritual and ceremony.


The MoonGate Manifesto

We believe self awakening comes through quieting the mind and activating the senses. We believe that living an inspired life fueled by creative exploration is essential to true joy. We believe our connection to nature and one another makes the world a better place.

Our vision is to weave a global community of awakened individuals whose primary goal is to live in joy, inspiring others to live their brightest lives.

We believe in the power of love, the grace of healing, and that each & everyone of you is a total badass.

Creators of MoonGate, Carol & Amy

Carol Perrone and Amy Senn are the co-creators of MoonGate. While they “danced” in the same circle of friends for many years, they did not truly connect until July of 2017. They quickly became close friends, realizing they had similar dreams, to create beautiful experiences designed to create the opportunity for self-awakening.

Two years later they founded MoonGate, whose mission is to create immersive experiences in which people can disconnect from today’s many distractions and reconnect to themselves and one another through nature, creative exploration and ceremony.

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Powerful Testimonials from Incredible Women


“I have never experienced anything like the Full Flower Moon Retreat. A safe place for women to come together, come as they are. If your ready to connect with yourself and grow this event is for you. All you need is an open heart and to be willing, carol and Amy will lead the way through a life changing retreat!”

Katie Jo Williams
Hair Stylist

“MoonGate full flower moon retreat was an awesome experience of play, meeting new friends, being pampered and personal growth.  Well planned and satisfying to one who has been to many workshops. Thank you so much for a unique experience!”

Julie Stein
Professional Musician

“From the splendid cuisine to activities designed for personal growth, connection with the elements, fellowship of the feminine and exploration of the inner artist, the Full Flower Moon retreat was as unique as it was rewarding.”

Mardi Senn
Registered Nurse

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Together We Are Magick!

May, 2019
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